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Grand Venetian 
Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio No. 2477 
Hotel Zone.Puerto Vallarta,Jal  Mexico CP 48300
Between Holiday Inn and Peninsula
Close to stores and amenieties!
Buses (Public Transportation)
5.5 Pesos to almost everywhere, unless you go out of Puerto Vallarta. If you are travelling light, the bus stop at the airport is right outside the end exit, you'll see some Resort Busses there, but look for a group of locals - they will be waiting for the bus - the middle exit goes to airport taxis and the parking lot. The yellow cabs are across the road (which is going north and they have to drive to the Central Bus Station road to turn around, which they say is another fare zone, so you only save about 20 pesos but they charge less. To get to town from the Airport and  to the condominium  Grand Venetia take the bus that says 'Centro'  or "Hotels" is really safe and stop in front of the condominiums.
Close to Holiday Inn Hotel
Close to Peninsula Mall